Blast off
into the future

Launch your DNA into space or onto the Moon to create a backup of yourself and explore the universe.

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Send your DNA
to the moon

Our next Moon launch is already counting down, so be sure to reserve your place on the lander today.

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Watch your DNA
orbiting Earth

Humans have gazed upon the stars since the beginning of time — now you can join them by watching your DNA orbiting Earth.

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Send your DNA to the Moon or space

Name on Moon

  • Send your name on a lunar mission
  • Etch your identity into Earth's permanent record
  • Be remembered forever


DNA in Orbit

  • Launch your DNA into space
  • Track your genes orbiting every 90 minutes
  • Your DNA becomes a shooting star


DNA on Moon

  • Deliver your DNA to the Moon's surface
  • Join the next generation of explorers
  • Secure your legacy off Earth


DNA in Orbit +
DNA on Moon
Dual Missions

  • Includes everything in Orbit and Space Missions
  • Adds premium processing and support
  • Represents complete DNA astrocaching solution


What we do

LifeShip is backing up Earth

We use advanced biochemistry to preserve your DNA and send it to space or the Moon on leading private launch systems. Our modern DNA astrocaching solutions let families and their loved ones maintain peace of mind about their most valuable assets: their DNA.

Come join us and back up Earth for all eternity. You're invited to represent humanity.


DNA Preservation


DNA Transportation


DNA Tracking

Your DNA
on the Moon


One giant leap

Your DNA is cleared for lift-off on a rocket ship and lunar lander shared with NASA. Your rocket's launch window is set for 2021 and preparations are already underway. You'll be able to watch the launch live and track your genes traveling to the Moon.

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DNA Astrocaching

Cache your genes in space or on the moon — and own your destiny forever.

Benefits spotlight

DNA + space = expansive + horizons

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Cosmic exploration

Orbit around the Earth for years or keep going to the Moon and stay forever.

02 / 06

Ancestral signpost

Capture your ancestral makeup and plant a "forever family tree" for the future.

03 / 06

Legacy fulfillment

Secure your family's eternal legacy by caching everyone's genes together.

04 / 06

Human record

Contribute your genes to the first archive of all humankind going to space.

05 / 06

Biosphere backup

Be part of the only global DNA backup effort for all plants and animals.

06 / 06

Universe seeds

Imagine your genes finding a new home in a distant corner of the universe.

LifeShip science

Space breakthroughs

Some of the latest advances in astronomy and space exploration are used by LifeShip. From modern payload management systems to state-of-the-art landing systems, sending your DNA to the Moon or space has never been more meaningful or memorable.

Mission control

Choose what's best for you

Anyone can begin DNA astrocaching. Several different missions give you the freedom to choose the best solution for you and your family. Choose today and secure your tomorrow.

Family missions are also available. Learn more here.

DNA in Orbit


DNA on Moon


DNA in Orbit +
DNA on Moon
Dual Missions


Collect DNA
Process DNA
Preserve DNA
Pre-Flight DNA
Launch DNA
Achieve Low Earth Orbit
Track Orbiting Earth
Become a Shooting Star
Achieve High Elliptical Orbit
Release Lunar Lander
TLI Slingshot/LOI Around Moon
Land on Moon

Real testimonials

People everywhere love us

Have to admit it - I'm a super big geek! I just love all things space. I got a LifeShip kit for me and for my son. We're super excited to be part of the next mission.

Olivia Los Angeles, CA

For my tribe. For my people. For my soul. This is who I am. Come find me on the Moon in 10,000 years!

Devantae New York, NY

I feel like LifeShip is supposed to happen. That it's a genuinely important part of the human story.

Jane Seattle, WA

I never thought I'd get the opportunity to visit our closest celestial neighbor — and because of LifeShip, now I have that opportunity!

Joseph Tulsa, OK

This was a gift from my wife. She said that no matter where she is, when she sees the moon in the sky I will be with her.

Chris Columbus, OH

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