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Future-proof your
DNA off Earth

Imagine your genes spread across the cosmos. Advanced biochemical, space and lunar science now let your DNA travel to space and the Moon. Your voyage to the future is finally here. All it takes is a bit of saliva you collect at home. It's that simple.

DNA astrocaching solutions for people and pets

Choose your mission

You'll receive a saliva collection kit once you choose your mission. It's easy, fast and comes with everything you need.

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Provide saliva sample

Spit in the collection tube and register it online. Mail the tube back to us in the pre-paid package that's included.

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Watch us working

Our labs will extract your DNA and prepare it for spaceflight. We'll keep you informed each step along the way.

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View rocket launch

You're invited to a private video viewing of the rocket launch carrying your DNA from Earth to either low or high orbit.

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Track space journey

Your DNA will orbit Earth or continue onward to the Moon depending on your mission. You can track it 24/7/365.

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View lunar landing

If your DNA is going to the Moon, watch live as your lunar lander touches down near the planet's North Pole.

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What's in the Moon kit?

Everything needed for your journey.

Saliva collection tube - Spit into the tube to provide your saliva sample. The tube contains a liquid preservative that releases when it's sealed.
Welcome and Information Cards - Cards introducing LifeShip and your journey to the Moon.
Step-by-Step instructions - Everything you need to know when providing your sample.
Pre-paid return shipping label - Sticker with pre-paid postage for returning your saliva sample to us.

Tech Spotlight

Your DNA backed-up by science

Extracting your DNA from your saliva and sending it to space or the Moon takes a lot of innovative, multi-disciplinary science. Several technologies in the biochemical, space and lunar sciences are utilized to help make the journey possible.

Fluid collection

Lab automation

DNA biochemistry

Polymer engineering

Launch systems

Orbital satellites

Satellite tracking

Lunar systems

Actual Customers

People love us

This is so totally different than any other gift I have ever received, being a part of something that's bigger than all of us. It amazes me every day to look to the sky and wonder what and where are we headed.

Tammy New York

LifeShip combines my interests in genetics, genealogy, space exploration, and deep time in a new way that connects all us on Earth to the far future.

Jeremy Arizona

I’m excited about going on the lifeship because we live in the generation that might make it to the next planet. We are branching out so far into the thing we are born of to discover it and we’ve hardly scratched the surface. Anything to contribute to that is something significant to me.

Sonia Florida
Do you have questions?

Here are some of the things people frequently ask about LifeShip.
If you don't see your question here, visit our complete FAQ.

How does my DNA get to the Moon?

You go on a rocket shared with a dozen NASA missions that is scheduled to blast-off in 2021. Your DNA gets included in the Arch Mission payload. You launch on a ULA rocket as part of the Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander. 

You launch out of Cape Canaveral. The lander's destination is Lacus Mortis near the North pole of the Moon.

How is my DNA stored?

Your DNA is extracted from your cells and preserved in an artificial amber polymer. Thousands of copies of your DNA are included and it is designed to be recoverable for over 10,000 years.

What could my DNA get used for in the future?

Your DNA gets preserved for the future. Some possibilities of what it could get used for are:

  1. a backup drive to revive lost species and repopulate the Earth as it is today.
  2. a record of humanity and Earth to be found by a future civilization.
  3. the code taken with a future civilization on a journey to the stars to create a new world. 

We believe it makes sense to save an off-world backup of life today. It is a step towards bringing more redundancy to our single-planet existence. 

How will I know what's going on?

You will see each step of the mission — from how the DNA is processed to the final lunar landing. You will get explorer updates and videos about the mission throughout the entire journey. You will see how the DNA gets processed. You will see how it is stored. You will see it on the rocket. You will get to watch the launch and landing live. 

Send your DNA to the Moon or space

Name on Moon

  • Send your name on a lunar mission
  • Etch your identity into Earth's permanent record
  • Be remembered forever


DNA in Orbit

  • Launch your DNA into space
  • Track your genes orbiting every 90 minutes
  • Your DNA becomes a shooting star


DNA on Moon

  • Deliver your DNA to the Moon's surface
  • Join the next generation of explorers
  • Secure your legacy off Earth


DNA in Orbit +
DNA on Moon
Dual Missions

  • Includes everything in Orbit and Space Missions
  • Adds premium processing and support
  • Represents complete DNA astrocaching solution