Welcome to LifeShip

We preserve people's most valuable asset: their DNA

LifeShip is a mission-driven genomics and space company. We are committed to using advanced sciences to backup humanity and extend it off Earth.

Our mission is a hopeful one meant to inspire people everywhere by connecting them to each other and to the cosmos. Our focus is to have an impact on humanity, the Earth and the universe — for today, tomorrow and the billion year future ahead.

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DNA in space?

Astrocaching your DNA is the best way to safeguard it against an unknown future here on Earth.
Individuals, families and pets can have their DNA extracted, preserved and sent to Earth orbit or the Moon.







DNA breaks down faster in warmer environments. The average temperature at Earth's surface is 59 F or 15 C. In empty, interstellar space, it's just 3 kelvins – not much above absolute zero – which is lowest limit of the temperature scale at -460 F or -273 C. We believe space creates the ideal environment for storing DNA for archival purposes. If you want your DNA to last forever, send it to space.

By the Numbers

DNA changes over time
1000Errors caused to your DNA each day, some becoming mutations
510DNA codes lost through process of human evolution
8% of human DNA now made of ancient viruses that used to infect us

Media coverage

What press are saying

"You can join an outward migration of life into the universe with LifeShip’s Moon Kit."

“It’s about archiving life and saving for the future, but also the wonder of traveling into space and what could happen with this DNA in the future.”

"Humans often fantasize about the best way to leave behind a legacy. Now, a new startup called LifeShip will send your DNA to the moon. Yes, it will even be preserved in artificial amber in true “Jurassic Park” fashion."

"The start-up wants to archive a part of humans for hundreds of thousands of years and will do that by collecting saliva from people, extracting their DNA, and sending it to the Moon."

"We’re still at least a decade away from commercial trips to the Moon’s orbit or even surface, but one startup company called LifeShip wants to give you a headstart, and it won’t break the bank."

"The lunar lander carried thousands of books, DNA samples, and a few thousand water bears to the moon."

"An unforgettable gift that you will be reminded of every time you see the Moon."

"DNA is the smallest payload you can imagine and yet the most important."

"This is a whole new product around the future of your DNA. The future comes with a sense of wonder."

Space partners

We're an interplanetary team

Sending your DNA to space or the Moon is no simple matter. It takes many highly specialized partners to make sure everything goes safely and smoothly, from advance logistics to lunar landing and beyond.

Arch Mission FoundationThe Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a backup of planet Earth, designed to continuously preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.
Astrobotic TechnologyAstrobotic Technology, Inc. is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world. The company’s line of lunar landers and rovers deliver payloads from Earth to the Moon.
Beyond EarthBeyond Earth is an international multidisciplinary art project and exhibition series that expands the possibility of art on Earth and beyond.